Pointe Coupée Parish is home to beautiful historic homes, historic sites, and museums touring with many properties listed on the National Register for Historic Places. Outdoor options feature not only the amazing watersports at Old River and False River, but also a biking trail, hunting, hiking, and even the occasional trail ride. Our New Roads Main Street area will draw you in with its small town charm. We have made planning easy with several itineraries, such as a movie trail, antiques trail, and hiking/biking tour.

  • Pelican Yacht Club Pointe Coupee
Pelican Yacht Club 6712 False River Rd. Oscar, LA 70762 225-284-8998 -
  • PCHS Exhibit
People, Porches, and Places: Photographic Memories of Pointe Coupee Parish Exhibit 500 West Main Street 3rd Floor New Roads, LA 70760 225-638-6575 -
  • Pointe Coupe Parish Historic Courthouse
Point Coupee Parish Courthouse 200 E. Main St. New Roads, LA 70760 -
  • Pointe Coupee Parish Museum
Pointe Coupee Parish Museum 8348 False River Rd. New Roads, LA 70760 225-638-7788 -
  • Veterans Memorial Pointe Coupee
Pointe Coupee Parish Veteran’s Memorial 2202 False River Dr. New Roads, LA 70760 -
  • Riverlake Plantation Pointe Coupee
Riverlake Historic Home La Hwy. 1 at Hwy. 416 Oscar, LA 70762 -
  • Roy's Jewelry Store
Roy's Jewelry Store 113 W Main Street New Roads, LA 70760 225-638-7674 -
  • Ryan Shoup Park Pointe Coupee
Ryan Shoup Park LA 77 Fordoche, LA 70732 -
  • Samson House Pointe Coupee
Samson House 405 Richey St. New Roads, LA 70760 225-638-6254 -